Whole Bean Coffee & Espresso Beans Canada

Experience Superior Quality in Your Next Cup
ORO Caffè is excited to take Italian espresso of the highest quality all around the world, and that includes Canada. Our collection of whole-bean products encompasses a wide assortment of flavour profiles and aromas, ensuring you get a unique experience with every blend. Discover the ORO Caffè difference today and place an order for your favourite one!...

Our Whole Bean Blends

Doi Chaang
This is a unique blend of espresso coffee from the Arabica family, originating from the mountains of Thailand. There, it grows in the wild and is a part of the Beyond Fair Trade project. The blend itself incorporates a rich, compact and creamy texture with a beautiful golden-brown hue. Presenting a rich, refreshing aroma with hints of fruitiness, it’s a real standout in our whole-bean product line.

Espresso Bar Blend
A carefully produced blend of Brazil, Vietnam and India’s finest coffees, our Espresso Bar Blend is really something special. In-cup, the mixture presents an intense, rich brown hue with tiger striping and consistent creaminess. It also offers an enticing scent, softly tinged with aromas similar to bread crust and chocolate. Along with an intense palate with creamy, mellow accents, you’re sure to enjoy the sweet aftertaste of this blend, all with a caffeine content of less than 1.7 percent!

Springtime Decaf
This coffee incorporates a low caffeine content of 0.07 percent. At the same time, we’ve ensured the taste and aroma remain rich and inviting by choosing select coffees from plantations in India. A cream-coloured ochre, strong-meets-light aroma and textured finish make Springtime Decaf a full, flavourful blend. It’s a great choice for any time of day or night.

Premium Bar Blend
This blend incorporates the finest-quality beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and India – a trip around the world in your morning cup! It’s a visually stunning coffee, with tiger-striped hazel cream when made as an espresso. In addition, the blend incorporates delicate floral scents – the perfect companion for hints of almond, hazelnut and jasmine. Caffeine content is less than 1.2 percent as well, making it an ideal choice for any time or occasion. We personally recommend enjoying it sugar-free.

Our Italian-style coffee is comprised of whole beans carefully harvested in Vietnam and Brazil. With a very thick, stunning hazel cream, it is the quintessential cup of espresso that is sure to transport your senses to a traditional Italian café. This is made more apparent by scents of toasted bread and caramel, along with a very mellow and balanced taste that somehow feels timeless. It incorporates a caffeine content of less than 3 percent.

Discover our whole-bean products today at ORO Caffè, and enjoy a new favourite espresso experience!
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