Spring Water

The Perfect Companion for any ORO Caffè Blend
The quality of the water you use along with your favourite coffee directly impacts its flavour profile, among other characteristics. To get the very most out of your ORO Caffè espressos, whether in capsule or whole-bean form, sparkling or still water from Dolomia is an ideal choice. We’re pleased to offer a variety of sizes to suit your needs and consumption rate, ensuring you always get to enjoy a fresh cup with a cleansed palate....

Sparkling or Still? The Choice is Yours
We offer sparkling or still variants of Dolomia water to suit your preferences easily. Serving water before or after an espresso is a tradition in many countries, as it essentially cleanses the taste buds to ensure you enjoy a full, rich cup of coffee. Water is also used afterwards to cleanse the palate in anticipation of other beverages or meals, both in carbonated and still variations.
Whether you are brewing your first espresso shot of the day, or preparing to indulge in that after-dinner coffee, use spring water to realize the full potential of our beans and capsules. Take a look at the options we have for sparkling or still water, choose an ideal size, and experience the perfect companion for your next cup of coffee!
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