Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Indulge in a Quality Cup of Coffee, Every Time
ORO Caffè is excited to offer a wide range of fine coffee blends, which are also available in capsules compatible with your favourite Nespresso machine. Enjoy a similar experience to our bean coffee, but in a condensed, faster form factor. This means you can savour the rich taste and aroma of our renowned coffees that much quicker. Cleaning up is also a breeze thanks to the disposable capsule design, which Nespresso has a recyclables program for, so you can feel good about your environmental impact....

Experience Our Finest Blends
This full-bodied espresso comes complete with a dense crema, which reveals hints of roasted hazelnut and caramel. A rich blend of carefully selected Arabica beans, Capri offers the maximum intensity across the ORO Caffè Nespresso capsule line. Give it a try with a 10-pack and see if it becomes your new favourite way to start the day.

Trieste by ORO Caffè incorporates a range of fine Arabica coffees, which have been hand selected in South and Central America and roasted at our facility in Italy. Trieste creates a strong, rich-flavoured espresso complete with almond and semi-sweet cacao notes. It’s a wonderful choice for folks who want a strong morning espresso in addition to velvety sweetness.

Mid-range in terms of its coffee profile intensity, Venezia is an enjoyable blend of South American beans that delivers a fragrant, fruity aroma and taste, aided by a hint of almond notes. This blend is lightly roasted to offer up a balanced, soothing experience as your next Nespresso beverage.

Americano is one of our most popular blends, offering mid-range intensity in terms of its flavour profile. It is created with an aromatic single-origin Brazilian Arabica coffee at a high grade of quality. Experience it today in a 10-pack or 100-pack to enjoy sweet floral notes and a hint of almond nut thanks to its light acidity.

Sometimes, you just want a mild decaf espresso that offers a sweet taste and enticing aroma. This is where Primavera comes in, delivering a caffeine content lower than 0.07 percent without sacrificing any of the flavours you love. Who says decaf has to be boring?
Our Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules are an ideal choice for gifts or for simply restocking your supply. Available in a variety of pack sizes as well as a mix pack sampling all five flavours, there’s never been a better time to discover the ORO Caffè difference! We guarantee your office will love it and so will you.