Ino Machines + Ino Capsules

Discover Your New Favourite Blend
At ORO Caffè, we know just how important a quality cup of espresso is to our customers. That’s why we’re excited to offer our own innovative solution: The INO collection. It consists of specially designed espresso machines and compatible capsules, created by our team to bring out the very best of our finest blends. Whether you’re longing for an aromatic, sweet indulgence or something with enough intensity to help power you through the morning’s tasks, the INO collection is a superior choice for your next cup of espresso....

INO Espresso Machines
Our GOLD-compatible INO espresso machines are a great choice for either your home or office use. Set one up and enjoy a delicious cup of your favourite ORO Caffè blend right where you are! Our IC 305 model, available in black or white, has been carefully developed to work with GOLD capsules. Designed and engineered in Italy, it’s an impressive, sleek and premium-quality machine that is sure to satisfy. Complete with dual functionality for espresso as well as long coffee, it gives you more ways to enjoy your favourite blend. It’s also built with long-lasting components and materials such as stainless steel, ensuring you benefit from the best possible value without sacrificing a quality cup of coffee.

Our INO Capsule Blends
ORO Caffè is proud to offer a range of signature blends, specially designed to be compatible with our INO espresso machines. Discover the following stunning flavours:

If you’re longing for an iconic Italian espresso always at hand, this is the capsule for you. Enjoy a sweet, delicate flavour that is also very creamy and aromatic, and turn your morning or workplace coffee break into a real treat.

Intenso delivers a denser taste that lives up to its name. These self-protected INO capsules provide a stronger taste factor with high creaminess, encompassing a bold flavour that you’re sure to enjoy. Intenso is your sure way to studying for exams or powering through Mondays at work.

100% Arabica
Our 100-percent Arabica blend incorporates a flowery, refreshing taste that is light and airy – perfect for those moments with a friend over lunch or when contemplating your next creative project. Enjoy this creamy, enticing blend today.

If you’re looking for a decaf alternative that doesn’t skimp on the full espresso flavour we’re known for, Decaffeinato is the answer. It contains a caffeine content of lower than 0.07 percent while providing a full-bodied, sweet flavour that has been a hit among our customers around the world.
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