Espresso Coffee Machines

The Best Results, Made Possible by the Best Equipment
We at ORO Caffè know that a good cup of coffee isn’t just about speed and taste, but the effect it has on all your senses. Combined, a well-made blend makes for a more wholesome and enjoyable experience, ideal for when you need to start your day on the right foot. With our professional-grade espresso coffee machines, you can introduce a new standard in beverage-making to your home or office environment....

Premium Grinders
Our on-demand coffee grinders are designed to be user-friendly, easy to clean and highly reliable thanks to the inclusion of top-quality parts. With features such as a touchscreen display and touch-sensitive keypad, there are no mechanical switches that could otherwise shorten its lifespan. With multiple measuring options and a reset-proof dose counter, these are highly efficient, beautiful machines that look great and function well, no matter where they’re set up.

Bean-to-Cup Machines
The way our coffee beans are processed and dispersed into your cup as a fresh, frothy espresso or cappuccino is quality focused. Our bean-to-cup machines are designed to make the process quicker and quieter, all while bringing out the very best in our signature blends. We offer variants ideal for personal and office-based use, ensuring everyone gets to enjoy a well-made cup of coffee!
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